Smart Glass Door Lock A6

1.Flexible Unlocking Way: Fingerprint, Password, Card, Remote Control (Optional)

2.Easy Installation: No need to drilling holes, no need any other equipment

3.Different Card Solution: Kinds of IC card can be used as unlocking key, such as bank card, identity card.

4.Low Power Consumption: 4 pieces AA alkaline battery supplying power for 1 year.

5.Messy Password Design: When unlocking, you can add some random number before and after the correct password to prevent others peeping your password.

6.Real Voice Prompt And OLED Display: Make the operation much easier.

7.Door Bell Function: Save a doorbell for you, and make your door elegant.

8.External Power Supply: No worry about battery exhausted. You can connect an external battery case through android port to supply power to unlock.

9.Password Protection: After 5 time continuous wrong password attempts, the system will be locked for 3 minutes and there will be alarm sound if press any key.

10.Wide Application: Can be used for glass door with / without frame, and for single door and double door. And you can change the opening direction on your side by yourself.


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Smart Glass door lock is just not a single door lock. It has several functions including door lock. Like it has a doorbell as well. So when you’re buying a smart door lock you will get a doorbell as well. You have to press “#” button to wake up the bell and then when you press it again the doorbell will ring.

You can skip the doorbell if you own this simple glass door. You will get this door lock in INNOVATE at 18500/- which is the cheapest rate in the market.

Why Choose Smart Glass Door Lock

  • Appearance
  • Biometric Door
  • Wide range of application
  • Several unlocking methods
  • Password protection
  • Voice navigation
  • Highly secured Glass Door


Smart Glass Door Lock A6

This Smart Glass door lock usually comes in black color. This color is convenient for every kind of door. No matter what door you have either it can be a glass door, wooden door or even a metal door. This doesn’t concern whatever material you use for your door, this smart glass door lock will look sleek in every kind. 

Biometric Door 

The main function of this smart glass door lock is biometric traits. You can use a password or even better a fingerprint. When only you use the door lock, you can go for the fingerprint option. no one but you can open the smart door lock with your fingerprint.

And it is also expedient for those who are busy and don’t have enough time before work or who have a lot of work to handle. This smart glass door lock can also be opened with a card this is easy for the elder members of your family. 

Wide range of application

This smart glass door lock is very practical and easy to use. This door lock is even easy to apply to place on your door. You don’t have to make a hole to place it on your door.

You just need some external appliances like wiring and networking tools. That will be enough to set this glass door lock. This door lock can be fitted in any kind of door. No matter if it is a framed door or frame less door. 

Several unlocking methods

The main feature of it that is already explained is that this smart glass door lock has several unlocking options. Including biometric, password, or even card locking.

You can unlock it by using the smart life app. If you are having guests over your place you can remotely open your door for them first. You don’t need to be there to unlock the door. 

Password protection

You have an option to hide your password from any peep. You can just press two or three wrong passwords before you actually type your real password. And then just press #.

So the intruder who already has a look at your password can’t open the door. This is the most effective way to protect your password from weird creeps or intruders. 

Voice navigation

This smart glass door lock also included real-time voice navigation. This is easy to apply and this is safer when you need help from others. Suppose, you have witnessed a break-through in the middle of night then you can just press the # button and wake the neighbors.

The voice alarm is high enough to wake the neighbors near you. This way, You can call for protection by this glass door.

Highly secured Glass Door

This smart glass door lock is highly protected and gives you the highest security you can even expect for. The voice look is connected with the networking equipment so whenever someone wants to forcefully open the door, you will be notified through your smart life app.

The price of this smart glass door lock is only 18500/-. You will get this glass door from INNOVATE. INNOVATE ensures you the best quality product with highest safety. 



smart glass door lock a6

Manufacturer Volibel
Working Voltage 4pcs AA 1.5V alkaline batteries (Batteries not Included)
Normally Open Setting The administrator unlocks and presses “2” + “8” to enter the normally open
Password Capacity 300 (including password, fingerprint and card)
System Management press “0”+”#” to enter the system management interface. Main menu bar
Emergency Power Supply DC5V external power supply (USB interface)
Security Protection enter continuously the wrong password for 5 times, the system will locks for 3 minutes
Part Number ‎Sonewmzectkqfpd
Product Dimensions 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Finish ‎Polished
Material Stainless Steel
Voltage 1 volt
User Support 1 administrator + 99 users
Item Package Quantity 1
Batteries Included? no
Menu Display OLED 0.96 display hierarchical management menu
Collector Semiconductor Acquisition Module
Read-card Type: CPU card, MF card, IC card
Working Voltage 4pcs AA 1.5V alkaline batteries (Batteries not Included)
Applicable Door Thickness 10-12mm
Package Weight 1692g/59.7oz


Smart Glass Door Lock

  • Warning sound function, you can press the warning sound button # to activate the warning sound.
  • It is a human voice alarm that is easy to operate.
  • Use 4 1.5V alkaline dry batteries to work, low power consumption, energy-saving, and environmental protection.
  • The scope of the application is to install frameless / glass-framed doors, single/double doors, and left/right doors.
  • Card unlocking is easy to use, and suitable for the elderly who do not use smart door locks.
  • With low battery protection and warning function (it will unlock about 200 times after prompt, please replace the battery urgently).
  • Breathing light mode automatically recognizes user operations. Blue: wake up, red: error, green: success.
  • Card unlocking is easy to use, and suitable for the elderly who do not use smart door locks.
  • Mobile phone APP remote unlock, convenient, fast and smart life.



Innovate Smart Glass Door Lock A6

This smart glass door lock is one-step ahead of your regular door lock. You can set a password in it and it will keep you safe from any intruder. You can also use a Smart life mobile phone app to unlock remotely. The price of this smart glass door lock is 18500/-

You can strengthen your security tenfold by this one smart glass door lock. You will get this glass door lock in INNOVATE at 18500/-. The previous price was 20000/-. But now you are getting this product at a 10% discount for only 18500/-. This is a great deal in question of security because the glass door ensures you the maximum security. 

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