Innovate Jumbo Package

  • INNOVATE Package Name : Jumbo Package
  • Original Price : 36,700/- Bundle Price : 29,990/-
  • What’s in the package : 1) Smart Door Lock X5 *1 Piece 2) Smart CC Camera*1 Piece 3) Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip * 1 Piece 4) Smart Wi-Fi Door Bell Camera * 1 Piece
  • Total Number of device : 4


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jumbo package

In this jumbo offer, you will get 4 smart items that ensure you the most powerful security in your home or workplace. In this package, you will get one Smart wifi power strip, one Smart doorbell camera, one smart door lock, and one hikvision ezviz-c6n camera.  Each of them you can get at 2990, 5700, 22500, 2900 BDT respectively. The power strip price in bd is 2900 BDT. and the whole package price is 29,990 BDT. Then you can save an overall 6710 BDT. all these products will give you maximum security. 


This smart power strip is wifi-accessibility included. You can change the power button over the voice command as well. Power strip surge protection makes sure your smart power strip is safe from weather catastrophes. The price of a power strip in Bangladesh is 2990 BDT but with the jumbo offer, you get all of these at only 29,990 BDT

Smart wifi power strip Smart wifi power strip Smart wifi power strip


This smart doorbell is a two-way voice-service accessible smart video doorbell camera. You can ask and see who is at your door. If you are not at home you can still ask and tell them where you are. This wifi doorbell camera Can be controlled over the phone by your smartphone. This is one of the best wifi doorbell cameras that you will get on the market. The previous price of the smart wifi doorbell camera was 5700 BDT. now save up to 1000 BDT on each product with the jumbo package

Smart door bell camera Smart Door Bell Camera D109 Smart Door Bell Camera B03-


Innovate x5 smart door lock is wifi controlled smart door lock. The smart door lock price in Bangladesh is 22500 BDT. But with the jumbo package, you will get other 3 products with this smart door lock for just 29,990. This smart door lock is fingerprint technology included. You can use the fingerprint for 100 days and the lock can be activated on its own. You don’t have to worry about keeping your door open. This smart door lock with a handle looks stylish and can be matched with any door type.  

smart door lock

Hikvision Ezviz c6n 

Smart CCTV camera has now become a necessity rather than an accessory or a smart gadget. we are already used to the viral access of smart CCTV cameras. Hikvision ezviz cs-c6n is one of the best smart CCTV cameras that you will get on the market. Hikvision ezviz cs-c6n looks elegant and trim. The outer surface of this camera is white so it even goes better with the neutral color painted house. The price of this smart cctv camera is 2900 BDT but you can save around 1000 BDT by accessing the jumbo offer.

hikvision ezviz cs-c6n camera price bd hikvision ezviz cs-c6n camera hikvision ezviz cs-c6n





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