• INNOVATE Package Name : Poor Package
  • Original Price : 4,000/- Bundle Price : 2,999/-
  • What’s in the package : 1) Smart Fan-Light Switch *1 Piece 2) Glass Panel 5 pin Multi-Socket*1 Piece 
  • Total Number of device : 2


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poor package 1

In this package, you will get one Smart fan light switch and one glass panel 5-pin multi-socket. Both will cost separately 2700 BDT and 1200 BDT. But if you get this poor package from INNOVATE you can save just around 1000 BDT and get these two at only 2999 BDT. 

INNOVATE smart fan light switch:

About this switch, nothing is compared to describe its stylish look and sleek design. It can be wifi-controlled and voice-controlled. You can adjust the speed of the fan from anywhere. There is no distance boundary. You can also control it from anywhere with the Smart life app. This fan light switch can make your life more comfortable. The price was 2700 BDT before but with the poor package, you can extricate 500 BDT.

smart fan light switch smart fan light switch smart fan light switch

Glass panel 5-pin multi-socket

Glass Panel 5-pin multi-socket has 2 USB ports so you can charge your camera ans other devices. This smart socket ensures your double safety and its tempered glass panel makes it durable and stylish. This glass panel 5-pin multi-socket has a 1.22 mm thick high-quality steel plate that ensures anti-high pressure and anti-high resistance. Separately you will get this socket at 1200 BDT but with the smart fan light switch bundle offer you can get these two only at 2999 BDT. you can get this offer only in INNOVATE.

Glass Panel 5 Pin Multi-Socket Glass Panel 5 Pin Multi-Socket Glass Panel 5 Pin Multi-Socket







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