3D Face Recognition Electronic Smart Door Lock Q5

  • 6 Unlock Options: Face+Fingerprint + Password + Card + Key+APP
  • Door Compatibility: Suitable for Wood doors, Steel doors, Stainless Steel Door, Aluminum doors, Brass door
  • Network: Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless integration with your smart home system.
  • Built-in Camera and Color Display with Video Doorbell


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Electronic Smart Door Lock

Secure your home with our Q5 Electronic Smart Door Lock, featuring advanced 3D face recognition technology. This smart lock is highly versatile and compatible with various door materials, including wood and stainless steel, ensuring convenience and superior security.

The Q5 Smart Door Lock uses advanced facial recognition technology, allowing you to unlock your door simply by looking at it. It also offers multiple unlocking options such as face recognition, fingerprint scanning, passwords, IC cards, keys, and a smartphone app, making it a secure and versatile choice for home security. You can control this lock from your phone using its app, where you can also view who’s at your door through live video and check entry logs.

It can store the fingerprints of up to 150 users, allowing easy access for your family and trusted guests. The Q5 Smart Door Lock boasts a sleek design that fits any door 35 to 110 millimeters thick. It features a durable, rechargeable battery and includes an emergency USB power supply, ensuring reliability even during power outages

Technical Details

  • Door Type              : Wood door, Steel door, Stainless Steel Door, Aluminum door, Brass door
  • Network                 : wifi
  • Data Storage         : Cloud, Memory Card
  • Unlock way           : Face+Fingerprint + Password + Card + Key+APP
  • Material                 : Zinc-Alloy Panel
  • Door thickness     : 35-110mm
  • Battery                   : 7.4V Lithium-ion Rechargeable Batteries
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 150 PCS
  • Size                         : 70mm*430mm
  • Mortise                  : 6068




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