Smart Door Lock G1

  • Easy Biometrics Fingerprints
  • RFID Chip Card
  • Lifetime Password
  • Generate Guest One Time Password (OTP)
  • Conventional Key
  • Auto Locking Auto Updates
  • You see Who Gets In-and When
  • Your Smartphone is Your Key. If you have your phone, you’re already carrying your house keys.
  • 1 Year Free Replacement Guarantee
  • 5 Years Service Parts Warranty
  • 24/7 Customer Care



Innovate Smart Door Lock G1

Innovate G1 is a bluetooth smart door lock. This smart lock ensures the most flexible unlocking plan than any other smart door locks. You will get this door lock from our website at only 35,000/-. This G1 smart door lock ensures you more than safety. It gives you space and comfort while taking lock keys and placing them in a secure place not to lose them. You can place this lock in any door. It can be your bedroom door, it can be your main front door. Wherever you want the most security you can place this smart door lock.

Live Fingerprint Recognition 

This smart door lock only accepts live fingerprints. Even if someone has your fingerprint on some transparent object and places it on the navigation bar, the door lock won’t budge. It doesn’t recognize non-biological fingerprints. 

Multiple Unlocking Options

This G1 is equipped with multiple door opening methods including, fingerprints unlocking, bluetooth unlocking, RFID card, tinylock app, Tuya APP. you can select any of them as you want and what is flexible to you. It takes only one click to unlock the door. You just forget all about taking keys and unlock this smart door lock with just one tap on the tuya app. 

Sturdy Lock Body

This smart door has a sturdy lock body. It is applicable from 45 m.m. door to 120 m.m. thick door. Even if your door is thick this lock can be attached. And this door lock can be attached to any type of door. It can be a wooden door or can be a metal door. And your door can be locked automatically. Even if you leave your door unlocked it will be locked by itself. And your smartphone is your key.


Colour Black
Certification FCC;CE;ROHS
Model Number A1
Weight 3kg
Power Life 1 year (20 times open per day)
Size 364 X 79 X26 mm
MOQ 1pc
Price Negotiate


  • Multiple fingerprints can be set at a time. You can also edit the fingerprint name and delete that anytime you want. 
  • Single password, cycle password, limit password and clear password. This g1 smart door lock gives you freedom in setting the password type and nature. 
  • Multiple door cards can be added. The name of the door cards can be changed and edited. 
  • Open the door records and operation records anytime. You will get all the details related to the opening and closing time table of the door. 
  • Biometric fingerprint and semiconductor recognition are available in this smart door lock. It takes less than 0.5 seconds to recognize your fingerprint and open the door. 
  • You can add 100 fingerprints on this door lock. Non biological fingerprints can not be recognized. So even if someone has your fingerprint on some tape or something they can’t open the door. 
  • Only live fingerprints can be correctly recognized by this smart lock. 
  • You will get an alarm when the battery is low. But before that you will have 8000 access to this smart door. Because it has 4 AAA batteries. 
  • This smart door lock has a sturdy door lock body. It can be set in any type of door. It doesn’t matter the thickness of the door. It can be set from 45mm to 120 mm thick doors. 

Price Details

The price of this smart G1 door lock is 35,000/- in Bangladesh. You will get this smart door lock in iNNOVATE’s website. You will get one year free replacement guarantee and 5-year free service warranty with this product. If any of the parts of this door lock isn’t working, you will get freshly changed equipment in that place. This smart bluetooth door lock has the most flexible unlocking option and you will get this convenience at 35,000/- from INNOVATE.

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Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 33 × 15 × 13 cm



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