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In the workplace of today, conferences are crucial. That is why a smart conference setup room that is well-equipped encouraging decision-making requires a . Additionally, it’s usually a good idea to make an impression on guests. Get the best smart Conference setup in Bangladesh in INNOVATE.

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We have all attended far too ineffective meetings, and it is simple to view them as exercises in time wastage. Meetings are unavoidably necessary whenever a team is working together to achieve a common objective. When you need to advance a project, develop a product, close a deal, or do pretty much anything that needs more than one person, efficient communication with coworkers is crucial that is why you need a smart conference setup.

The way individuals collaborate has undergone a significant change as a result of technology. Whereas in the past the main mediums of communication were paper, email, and telephones, modern technology provides sophisticated audio, video, and collaboration platforms. Teams can collaborate without being physically close to one another.

But in order to achieve that ideal level of productivity, the appropriate processes must be in place. Today, too many conference and meeting rooms use antiquated technology that can stifle rather than encourage cooperation. Your staff might not be as productive as they could be if your meeting spaces don’t have the newest business technology. Time truly is money, as they say.

Connectivity is a typical area where a normal conference room frequently fails but with a smart conference setup you can overcome this problem. You may have encountered a scenario where a lenovo laptop user was unable to utilize the offered cable to connect to a room projector since it was designed for use with PCs only.

Today, among other devices, we wish to transfer information from a Windows laptop, a Chromebook, a Mac, and an iPad. Upgrade to a system that provides a straightforward way to connect a device. For this issue we have smart WIFI power strip. This would be a perfect device for your smart conference setup.

Innovate Smart WIFI Power Strip

Smart wifi power strip

  • Design: The seamless body of the device is made of heat-resistant plastic, which does not burn
    even at temperatures up to 750 degrees Celsius
  • Button: The on/off button is equipped with a LED
  • Charging: All Six USB ports support quick charging 5V2A
  • Power: The maximum rated power of the cable is 2500W.
  • Security: The King Innovate Power Strip contacts are made of high-quality bronze, which
    reduces the risk of electric shock, and also provides good contact with the plug, all connections are securely soldered.
  • Circuit Breaker: Power over current protection, manual reset, manual switch power supply.
  • Power Input: 220-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • USB: 3.1 A
  • Max Load Power: 3450 W
  • Consumption: 4.1 W Max, 2.2W Min
  • Type: UK, EU Standard
  • Voltage Range: AC 90~250V
  • Certification: CE

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are compatible with the smart power strip. Controlling with your voice is both secure and convenient. For persons who are unable to free their hands to manually turn on and off their Alexa smart plugs, or who are experiencing discomfort with both hands, this feature is available. There is no need for a separate hub if you are using a 2.4GHz WiFi router. A perfect power strip for a smart conference setup.

Innovate Smart Motion Sensor

Smart Motion Sensor

Advanced Motion Sensor, PIR detect people or animals that are moving,7m detection distance,
whether day or night can be real-time monitoring.
-Battery Wi-Fi powered, and have a mount bracket easy to put on ceiling or tablet etc.
-Provides remote home monitoring. Set push notifications to your mobile devices or sound and
vibration for early alert of motion detection in your home.
-Plug & play, no hub required.

The configuration of video conference rooms can be done in countless ways. The ideal option for your business will depend on the size of the space, how frequently conferencing equipment is utilized, the venue’s acoustics, and the type of technology your staff is most accustomed to using.

Huddle rooms typically have a single display, while more immersive telepresence systems that could look like they fit in a sci-fi movie are also common. The INNOVATE smart conference setup was designed while keeping this things in mind.


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