Rockstar Package Pro 3 Pack

  • INNOVATE Package Name: Rockstar package pro
  • Original Price: 20,100/-, Bundle price: 12,000/-
  • What’s in the package: 1)Smart Wi-fi Switch four gang* 3 pieces 2)Smart wifi fan dimer Switch * 3 pieces 3)Glass Panel 5 pin Multi-socket *3 piece
  • Total number of devices: 9


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In rockstar package pro, you will get 3 pieces four gang switch, 3 pieces fan dimer switch, and 3 piece glass panel 5-pin multi-socket. This package is best for decorating your whole house. If you get them individually, you have to pay 20100 BDT. but if you buy our rockstar package pro you will get this at only 12000 BDT. you can save 8100 BDT by purchasing our offer.

3 Pieces Smart Wi-fi Switch Four Gang

Smart wifi switch four gang is a real catch for smart gadget lovers. The previous price of this wifi smart switch in Bangladesh was 2800 BDT. But if you order this rockstar package pro, you will get three items including this Smart Wifi switch only at 12000 BDT.
This wifi smart switch in Bangladesh gives you a 5-year warranty. It has wifi enabled light switch which can be controlled by your phone (app). Alexa and google assistant are also accessible in this wifi switch.

You can voice command and turn on/off the fan and light switch. You can get this smart wifi switch from INNOVATE and if you purchase the bundle package, you can save approximately upto 2500 BDT. You will get 1 smart wifi 4 Gang light switch, 1 neutral wire, 1 user’s manual, and 2 screws with the packaging.


3 Pieces Smart Wi-Fi Fan Dimer Switch

This smart touch switch price in Bangladesh was 2700 BDT but now you can save 700 BDT by purchasing the Royal package. You can voice control the smart wifi switch or get to change it by touching the panel. The easiest way to control the speed of the fan and there is no boundary limit. You can change the speed from anywhere in the room.


3 Pieces Glass Panel 5 Pin Multi-Socket

Glass panel 5 pin multi-socket comes with 1 USB ports & 1 c-type. So you can charge 4 items at a time with this multi-socket. You will get a 1-year free replacement and 5-years service warranty. This is a double safety protection multi-socket. You kids won’t get shocked even if they insert any monopole. Because there is double safety inserted. The previous price of this multi-socket was 1200 BDT. but you can now get this multi-socket only at 499 BDT. only if you order the Rockstar package pro you can validate this offer. You will get this from INNOVATE.

05 Pin Multi-Socket with double








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