Surface Mounted Motion Sensor Ceiling Light

  • 6W/12W/18W Motion Sensor PIR LED Ceiling light Surface Mounted Chandelier Ceiling Lamp for Stair Entrance Balcony Lighting
  • Available colors: White
  • High-quality materials:
  • Wide size range: 6W, 12W, 18W


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Round surface-mounted motion sensor ceiling lights are made of a die-cast aluminum alloy with exceptional corrosion resistance. The light is given a surface coating treatment, which enhances its beauty and charm. Never would the hue alter.

It also features a PIR sensor that turns on the light when someone enters the room and turns it off when they depart. PIR is a phrase that is frequently used in lighting and on lighting-related items, and it refers to a feature that turns lights on and off automatically as soon as a person walks by one.

Motion sensor ceiling light

In other words, a PIR is a passive motion detector that waits for infrared temperature from body heat to initiate activity. A PIR is a passive infrared sensor used to detect motion. In other words, it can detect motion by detecting temperature changes.

The surface mounted motion sensor ceiling light can be tuned to pick up the movements of people with certain degrees of generated heat instead of anything that moves, as these sensors wouldn’t be useful if they could be activated by small animals or insects.

Because they automatically detect movement and turn on when something passes beneath them, the surface mounted motion sensor ceiling lights are ideal for busy locations like parking lots and warehouses because no cables or cords are required to connect fixtures to switches.

PIRs are now a part of lighting as a means to save energy and improve security. Since LED is now the main source of instantaneous illumination, PIR presence detection has proven to be a highly effective method for turning on and off the lights in response to movement or for dimming them while no one is in the room.

Other uses for surface mounted  motion sensor ceiling lights include animal/pest management, monitoring the movement of pets at home or in kennels, preventing unauthorized access into facilities (like shoplifters), detecting burglars who may have entered through an open door, etc.; PIRs are often employed for security purposes both indoors and outside.

Some of the benefits of the Motion sensor ceiling light are given below-

Energy Saving

Motion Sensor ceiling lights are a great technique to reduce the amount of power or lumens required for a specific location since they only illuminate the area when it is inhabited and uses very little light when it is not. Therefore, installing PIRs in external areas will significantly influence long-term reductions in power expenses.


The atmosphere changes and people feel safer when movement can be sensed without turning on the illumination. This is especially useful in areas with illumination that may be left on to only turn off when no one is present, such as stairwells, elevators, or corridors.


The other, less obvious advantage of including motion sensor ceiling light in outdoor ambient lighting is security, which results from ensuring that there are no concealed dark spaces after the sun has set. This helps to create a secure environment that may be aesthetically beautiful as well as reassuring.

The ability of PIR technology to not only detect occupancy but also provide information about human activity based on their heat signatures is a final advantage. Motion sensor ceiling lights are, all things considered, a clever, effective, and economical method to use illumination.

Features of Motion Sensor Ceiling Light

Motion Sensor PIR LED light luxury 1

  • New style, complete cover, no light leaks
  • Low voltage and constant current driver, no glare, gentle light;
  • Imported high-lumen copper 2835 chip, excellent temperature resistance,
  • lifespan > 50000 hours;
  • Good quality aluminum, good heat sink;
  • PIR human induction led panel: light turns on when people enter the room and turns off when they depart.



Motion Sensor PIR LED light 6w 1

  • 6W/12W/18W Motion Sensor PIR LED Ceiling light Surface Mounted Chandelier Ceiling Lamp for Stair Entrance Balcony Lighting
  • Available colors: White
  • High-quality materials:
  • Wide size range: 6W, 12W, 18W



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