Innovate Smart WIFI Power Strip (I-SWPS)

Key Features:

  1. Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Home & IFITTT
  2. Remote Control on App
  3. Separate Controlled Outlet
  4. Timer Function
  5. USB Charging
  6. Over-load protection, surge protection, lightning protection
  7. Support Multiple Devices
  8. Schedule Automatically
  9. 1 Year Free Replacement Guarantee
  10. 5 Years Service Parts Warranty

Original price was: ৳4,000.Current price is: ৳2,990.


INNOVATE Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip (I-SWPS)-193 2022!

Connect Your Appliances with a Single Connection of Smart Power Strip


  • Design: The seamless body of the device is made of heat-resistant plastic, which does not burn
    even at temperatures up to 750 degrees Celsius
  • Button: The on/off button is equipped with a LED
  • Charging: All Six USB ports support quick charging 5V2A
  • Power: The maximum rated power of the cable is 2500W.
  • Security: The King Innovate Power Strip contacts are made of high-quality bronze, which
    reduces the risk of electric shock, and also provides good contact with the plug, all connections are securely soldered.
  • Circuit Breaker: Power over current protection, manual reset, manual switch power supply.
  • Power Input: 220-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • USB: 3.1 A
  • Max Load Power: 3450 W
  • Consumption: 4.1 W Max, 2.2W Min
  • Type: UK, EU Standard
  • Voltage Range: AC 90~250V
  • Certification: CE

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are compatible with the smart power strip. Controlling with your voice is both secure and convenient. For persons who are unable to free their hands to manually turn on and off their Alexa smart plugs, or who are experiencing discomfort with both hands, this feature is available. There is no need for a separate hub if you are using a 2.4GHz WiFi router.

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Power strip surge protection that has been approved by the CE protects sensitive electronics and appliances from abrupt power surges that can occur during weather storms and inflict catastrophic damage to electronic devices and appliances. Regardless of where you are, the smart power strip surge protector allows you to control it through an app. By using the Timer and Countdown functions, you may create a schedule to turn on and off electrical appliances whether you are at home or away.

Keep track of the amount of energy that equipment connected to the 3 utilize. Turn on each one using the smart app, and switch off those that are consuming too much power on your device. Lamps, coffee makers, humidifiers, lights, and so on are examples of electronic devices that are controlled by smart power strip timers. By shutting off power-hungry devices when they are not in use, you can also assist to cut your electricity bill as well. Schedule each outlet, either individually or collectively, to switch on and off at predetermined intervals during the course of the day.

The materials used to construct the digital power strip extension cord are of the highest quality. A maximum load of 3450 Watts can be supported at 220 V-240 VAC. It automatically shuts down when the current exceeds a certain level, protecting high-temperature equipment that is connected to the circuit breaker from being damaged. Heat-resistant materials help keep your home secure from the elements. With the Smart WiFi Power Strip, you can control everything from holiday lights and decorations to fish tanks and humidifiers, among other things.

How to Connect Alexa:

Activate the smart device with our app.

Open “Alexa” app – – click “Skills&Games”- -choose “Your Skills” – -search our app – – click “ENABLE” – – log into the account you registered in our product app and click “Link now” > click “Discover devices.

You have the option of sharing your device with your family. Each light can be controlled by a different person on a different switch. It is simple to use and lets family members share in the excitement of living a smart life. A smart power strip gives you access to smart life by controlling your electronics even when you’re not at home. You can easily purchase this smart fully functional power strip in Bangladesh from our page at an affordable rate.

Our greatest joy comes from your satisfaction. Not only do we supply a complete installation guide and clear user instructions, but we also provide a 12-month free replacement guarantee and 5 years service parts warranty for our smart power strip. Please contact Innovate customer care 24/7 if you have any questions.

What is the price of a Power Strip, Smart Power Strip, Smart Power Surge Protector in Bangladesh?

The latest Price for the Innovate(I-SWPS)-193 Power Strip, Smart Power Strip, Smart Power Surge Protector in Bangladesh is ৳2,900.00 you can buy the Power Strip, Smart Power Strip, Smart Power Surge Protector in Bangladesh at best the price from our website and get home or office delivery or you can pick up directly from our office. Here you will also find honest user Reviews about the products, Related Questions & Answer about the Power Strip, Smart Power Strip, Smart Power Surge Protector in Bangladesh that will make you more comfortable in taking your final decision to buy this product from our Online Store.

1 Year Free Replacement Guarantee
5 Years Service Parts Warranty


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