Smart Round Bolt Lock

  • Five-In-One To Unlock
  • Access by APP/Fingerprint/Passcode
  • Easy To Install
  • Convenient To Control
  • The auto-lock function would help you if you forgot to lock your door and the anti-peep password function can protect your code from stolen
  • A easy-to-follow instruction would help you to install your smart door lock easier. You could adjust the handle as left-side or right-side as your favor. It requires the door thickness from 1.38 in to 2.17 in (35-70mm)
  • Through APP, you could check the unlocking records, also you can share the temporary code/ e-keys with visitors, nannies, house keepers, tenants, guests, etc. It supports for Android 4.3 or iOS 7.0 above


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Innovate Smart Round Bolt Lock

Innovate Smart Round Bolt Lock is one of the best smart and secured locks you will find in the market. This lock is handy and very convenient to carry when you travel. You can carry this along with you. This lock won’t consume a lot of space but at the same time it will ensure you the safest journey ever. 

Home automation

Like any other smart locks you will be notified when an unwanted intrusion occurs. You will get a notification in your smart life app and you can take necessary steps then at the very moment. You can also unlock this smart round bolt lock inspite of your physical absence. 

Ekey access

You will be given an ekey when you install this smart round bolt lock. You can share the ekey with your family members. It means you don’t need to be physically present there to unlock the key and moreover you don’t have to carry any kinds of keys all the time. When you’re having a member coming over your place you can just share the ekey and then they can enter the house. 

Keeping records

Another attribute that can fascinate you is the logging records. This record is logged and kept by the app. You will get the records of every time the lock is unlocked. This smart round bolt lock can be locked by itself. After 30 second you have shut the door. The door will be locked by itself.  

Innovate Smart Round Bolt Lock Price

This smart round bolt lock is way safer than any normal lock. Even if it seems pricey, you can use this much money for your better security. The price of this round bolt lock is 15,000/- which you will only get in INNOVATE. Best smart lock in town can be owned for just 15000/-. You will get your product within 2 days all over the country. 

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