Smart Fan Controller And Light Switch

  • Wifi smart fan switch + Light can control fan remotely work with tuya app
  • smart home voice control with google home mini and Alexa  App Control,
  • Timer Switch,
  • Countdown on/off,
  • Scheduled on/off,
  • Logical on-off,
  • Google Homa & Alexa Supported WiFi affordable smart switch that provides users with smart home control.
  • It is a remote control fan + Light switch that can connect to any fan and light. We provide the best wifi switch fan best price in Bangladesh. Tuya wifi switch makes your life easy.
  • It’s smart to work with Google Home and Alexa. You can use it with google assistant from your mobile.


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Now control your lights and fan with one single switch with this fan and light switch combo. Turn on and off your lights and fan with just one touch with the Smart Light Fan Switch. It has capacitive touch control so you can turn on and off your lights easily. This is a new design that has a scratch-resistant glass panel. It looks great with any wall design. Fashion and luxury structures of glass panel smart light fan switch can be used in many different types of homes.

Smart Fan Light Switch

The smart light fan switch will let you control your light and fan speed just by your voice. You can voice control the touch  smart ceiling fan control and dimmer light switch or get to change it by touching the panel. The easiest way to control the speed of the fan is controlling by a smartphone and the speed has no boundary limit. You can change the speed and the light from anywhere in the room.

Control your devices to turn on and off from any location by simply using the free app on your smartphone or tablet, as long as the smart light fan switch is connected to a 2G/3G/4G/WIFI internet connection. Connect your APP to IFTTT, and you’ll be able to set alerts and actions on the IFTTT website or APP and use them to control your lights.

The smart light fan switch is compatible with Alexa, Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Google Home, and Google Nest, allowing you to have a hands-free experience with your favorite devices. Voice commands may be used to turn on and off lights. Life gets really simple and carefree. Because you can give the smart light fan switch commands via the app even if you are outside your house or any other country.

Configuring the single and repeat timers, as well as the countdown on your smart light fan switch, to meet your requirements. Additionally, it supports the network of work feature, which allows the timing settings to continue to function as normal even while the connection is shutting down.

The smart light fan switch supports multi-player control; a single switch may be controlled by up to 20 phones (through the share feature), and a single phone can control several switches (Totally depends on the bearing of the router in practical use). Smart WIFI light-fan switch can be used in a variety of ways, and each person has their own personal preferences.

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When you use the smart light fan switch ‘s features, you can do a range of exciting things, such as schedule when your lights come on and off and control your lights with a voice command. Even if you’re away on vacation, you may configure them to turn on and off at random intervals to give the impression that you’re still at home.

You may mix and match all you want, but the functionality of smart wi-fi switches is essentially based on one primary concept: energy conservation. You can control it (and any other devices you connect to it) from your iOS or Android smartphone since it connects with your home Wi-Fi network. This network connection is then utilized by the switches in order to communicate with your smart lighting and other connected devices. But you must be mindful that it only operates on 2.4GHz Wi-fi and doesn’t support 5GHz.


Smart Light fan Switch


Smart WiFi light fan switch perfectly compatible with amazon Alexa and Google home, Google assistant for voice control. You don’t need to find a touch panel when your hands are holding something or busy cooking.


Space saving design. Waterproof PC touch panel will better than glass and always look new and well compatible with your room. LED indicator helps you find the position of the switch easily in darkness.


Download a free App ” Smart Life ” on your tablet or smartphone, controlling your light and fan or other appliances through ” Smart Life ” App from anywhere. ( Compatible with Android / IOS system ). No Hub or monthly fees required.

Specification of Smart Light Fan Switch :

Download a free App ” Smart Life ” on your tablet or smartphone, controlling your light and fan or other appliances through ” Smart Life ” App from anywhere. ( Compatible with Android / IOS system ). No Hub or monthly fees required.






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