Smart Door Lock I3

  • Easy Biometrics Fingerprints
  • RFID Chip Card
  • Lifetime Password
  • Generate Guest One Time Password (OTP)
  • Conventional Key
    Auto Locking Auto Updates
  • You see Who Gets In-and When
  • Your Smartphone is Your Key.
  • 1 Year Free Replacement Guarantee
  • 5 Years Service Parts Warranty
  • 24/7 Customer Care



Innovate Smart Door Lock I3

Innovate I3 is the most stylish looking door lock. When you buy this smart door lock you will get one year free replacement guarantee and five year free servicing warranty. And most of all, if you have any issues or questions about this door lock, you can ask any time. Our team is always there to help you out. This smart lock will meet all your needs for smart lock with advanced APP management, via WiFi or Bluetooth to connect the smart lock to your smartphone, and you can manage your smart door lock anywhere and anytime.

Set Multiple Passwords  

You can set numerous passwords including cycle password, single password, permanent password, custom password and limit password. And the fingerprint takes less than 0.5 seconds to recognize. You will be amazed about the fingerprint false rate that it gives. The fingerprint false rate is just 0.0001%. Moreover, you are getting one million fingerprint sensors from this one door.

Strong Battery Backup

You will get a USB charging battery with this smart door lock. The battery gives you a longer lifespan than any other batteries. You will get an alarm when the charge is low. So you will know when to charge it. After charging you can use it like before. 

Security Lock

This smart door has a security lock. This security lock prevents your children and pet from accidentally opening this door lock. It recognizes immediately and prevents unwanted opening. This lock has self locking options as well. So you are getting both securities. It won’t open from any accidental touch and even if you leave this open, the door will be locked automatically. That’s why I3 gives you the safest security with a stylish look. 


Place of Origin Shenzhen, China
Brand Name VOLIBEL
Model Number I3
Application Home/Apartment/Airbnb/Office
Unlock Ways WiFi/Bluetooth APP, Fingerprint, Card, Code, Key
Material Zinc Alloy
Colour Silver
Size 77.4*356.3mm
Door Thickness 30-95mm
Battery Life Support 10,000 Times of Lock & Unlock Operation
Data Capacity 500


  • Single password, cycle password, limit password and clear password. This g1 smart door lock gives you freedom in setting the password type and nature. 
  • Multiple fingerprints can be set at a time. You can also edit the fingerprint name and delete that anytime you want. 
  • I3 is a beautiful and simple smart lock, equipped with imported Swedish FPC capacitive living fingerprint head,with fast recognition speed, strong recognition ability, and high anti-fake fingerprint ability.
  • Open the door records and operation records anytime. You will get all the details related to the opening and closing time table of the door. 
  • Biometric fingerprint and semiconductor recognition are available in this smart door lock. It takes less than 0.5 seconds to recognize your fingerprint and open the door. 
  • You can add 100 fingerprints on this door lock. Non biological fingerprints can not be recognized. So even if someone has your fingerprint on some tape or something they can’t open the door. 
  • multiple security protection, super sensory The capacitive touch design brings you a pleasant and smooth technological experience.serviced apartment smart door lock
  • Only live fingerprints can be correctly recognized by this smart lock. 
  • You will get an alarm when the battery is low. But before that you will have 8000 access to this smart door. Because it has 4 AAA batteries. 
  • Multiple door cards can be added. The name of the door cards can be changed and edited.



The price of INNOVATE I3 in Bangladesh is 24,000/-. This door looks stylish and has multiple security options. You can just pick one of them. It has one million sensor life for the fingerprints. This door is longer-lasting than most other smart door locks. All these conveniences you will get for just 24,000/- from INNOVATE. If you have any queries you can ask us because we give you 24/7 customer services. 

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Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 33 × 15 × 13 cm





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