Innovate Smart Door Lock Model D

  • Easy Biometrics Fingerprints
  • RFID Chip Card
  • Lifetime Password
  • Generate Guest One Time Password (OTP)
  • Conventional Key
  • Auto Locking Auto Updates
  • You see Who Gets In-and When
  • Your Smartphone is Your Key. If you have your phone, you’re already carrying your house keys.
  • Color: Piano Black, Classic Copper
  • 1 Year Free Replacement Guarantee
  • 5 Years Service Parts Warranty


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About Innovate Smart Door Lock – D

Innovate smart door lock D can be operated via bluetooth, app and ekeys. You can send Ekeys to the authorised admins. You can select those admins and whenever you feel like they don’t need any more access, you can change the passcode. You can also set a time limited passcode setting and that will help when several users are using the same password. 

Semiconductor Fingerprint Sensor

This lock has a multicolor gradient passcode screen. That can be rotated 360 degrees without any distortion of the image. This door lock is slim and it can be fitted in any door including the narrow bezel doors

Checking Records

Every single checking in and checking out information will be recorded and uploaded in the app. You can check the regular update and get a hold about your security. You can also check the battery conditions on the app. Though it will give you signals when it is needed to be charged. But if you check you can charge before the alarm.


Doors Wooden Doors, Gate Doors
Model Number D
Special Features BLACK
Key Feature2 Perfect delivery service
Key Feature3 Original creation APP
Material Zinc Alloy + Stainless Steel
MOQ 500 units
Working Temperature -35 ~75 ℃
Unlock Ways Fingerprint, TTLOCK APP, WIFI, Passcode, Key, Amazon Alexa, Google Home
Working Voltage 6V
Waterproof IP65
Door Thickness 30MM-50MM
Warranty 1 Year
Data Storage Option Unlimited
Door thickness 30mm-50mm (Customization Acceptable)
Application   House doors, Apartment doors, Gate, Wooden doors
Working voltage 6V
Working temperature -20 ~55 ℃


  • Security Fingerprint: Recognition speed<200MS. 360 degrees smart learning more use more sensitive. It can auto relock your door for you so your home is always safe.
  • Time-limited Passcode setting, suitable for various usage scenarios.
  • Semiconductor fingerprint sensor. The multi-color gradient light can breathe 360-degree rotate contrast the image without distortion. 
  • App control is also available for both IOs and Android. You can up the handle when you want to prevent the auto locking. Otherwise the door will be automatically locked. 
  • It can send Ekeys and authorise lock sub-admin rights to other users. 
  • It can send Ekeys and authorise lock sub-admin rights to other users. 
  • Sliding screw design enables no re-drill installation and can perfectly fit original holes, installation super easy and convenient.



Unlike other smart door locks smart lock D isn’t that much heavy, looks sleek and can fit with any type of doors. This smart door lock is slimer and can fit into any door. This smart lock’s price is 28000/-. You will get this door lock on our website. 

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